Programma Toernooi 2021

Friday August 20: 

The teams will be welcomed starting from 5 pm; everyone can prep their campsite for the weekend! From 6 pm we serve an optional meal for the ones that subscribed (€7,50 pp). You can get in the mood during happy hour from 8 til 9 pm; buy one, get one for free! And ofcourse a great party with our DJ's!

Saturday August 21: 
After a good breakfast, we start the day at 10am with the hockeymatches (8-a-side on a half pitch). During the day there will be several other activities, in which you can compete to win the title of Best Festival Team 2020.  Don't forget your fancy dress!!
After a very intense day of hockey and games, it's time for dinner and some beers at the foodcourt, so you have enough energy for another party.
Sunday August 22: 
On Sunday all teams will play their last matches in the group fase, followed by the festivalmatch and ofcourse the finals. After the prize ceremony it's time for a small afterparty. At 7 pm it will be time to close the tap.


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Komend weekend

Heren 1

Hockeyclub Schouwen Duiveland - Heren 1
Datum: zondag 27-9 Spelen: 14:20

Heren 2

Heren 2 heeft geen aankomende wedstrijden

Dames 1

Catwijck - Dames 1
Datum: zondag 27-9 Spelen: 12:45

Dames 2

B.N.M.H.C. Zwart-Wit - Dames 2
Datum: zondag 27-9 Spelen: 10:30

Dames 3

Dames 3 heeft geen aankomende wedstrijden


D1 HV Bleiswijk D1 0-1
D2 R.M.H.C. de Pelikaan D2 0-1
H1 B.N.M.H.C. Zwart-Wit H4 1-0
JD1 HC Etten-Leur DJ2 0-3
JD2 MHC De Warande DJ3 2-5
JB1 DDHC JB1 2-4
JC1 Were Di Tilburg JC2 10-0
JC2 HC Gilze Rijen JC1 0-17